International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland 2005

April 30th 2005, the International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland took place in the Hotels van Oranje
in Noordwijk. This second edition of the festival was -like the first- sold out
with over 1,000 visitors.

Below you can look back and find information about the festival, such as the live DVD registration
(DTS 5.1) of the festival.

Program 2005
Photo impression 2005
The festival in the press - television 2005
The festival in the press - radio / newspapers
DVD 2005
Sponsors 2005
Contributors 2005


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Athmer, dhr. J.P.R.
Boevère, dhr. W. de
Boon, dhr. G.K.H.
Dartmouth, dhr. M. (UK)
Dartmouth, R. (UK)
Deelen, dhr. T.
Flohr, dhr. W.J.M.
Funnekotter, mw. C.J.A.M.
Geelhuysen, dhr. D.E.
Hoven, dhr. P.J.C.M. van den
Hulsbeek, dhr. B.
Jennings, mw. C. (UK)
Kreek, dhr. H.A. van der
Meijden, dhr. T. van der
Meppelink, dhr. J.
Mesman, dhr. H.M.M. (B)
Pijl, dhr. B. van der
Pink, A. (UK)
Raadt, mw. C.C.
Schiffer, dhr. E.
Schok, dhr. L.
Stallman, dhr. J.A.H.
Stallman, mw. T.
Swart, dhr. M.
Trapani, mw. J. (UK)
Trapani, dhr. M. (UK)
Volckmann, dhr. A.F.J.

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