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The International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland 2009 takes place on Saturday March 7th 2009 in Regardz Hotel Heerlickheijd van Ermelo.

Greta Holtrop
(photo: Robert Joore, 2008)


A contributorship of the International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland 2008 costs 123 Euro. A contributorship for two persons costs 243 Euro. To apply for a contributorship, you can click here.

A Contributor receives:

• a VIP entrance ticket* per Contributor for the International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland on March 7th 2009, on first rows or VIP balcony,
• an invitation for the sponsor and contributor evening with live music on March 6th 2009,
your name will be mentioned as contributor at the festival website (unless you prefer not to be mentioned),
reduction for the other events the the Boogie Promotions Holland Foundation organizes,
• free Boogie Woogie and Piano Blues Newsletter (monthly).

*) Regular entrance tickets cost € 49.50 each.

By becoming a Contributor, you are supporting the International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland 2008. The Festival would not be possible without our Contributors.

Become a Contributor too...! We'd be happy to add your name!

Below you'll find our Contributors for the festival in 2008.

Donateurs 2009:
Bink, mr. H. (Zwolle)
Bink, mrs. (Zwolle)
Boon, mr. H. (The Hague)
Boon-Zendijk, mrs. F. (The Hague)

Dunn, mr. L. (Almere)
Dunn, mrs. M. (Almere)
Flohr, mr. W.J.M. (Arnhem
Funnekotter, mrs. C. (Lent)

Jong, mrs. I. de (Putten)
Jongen, mr. J. (Beuningen)
Jongen, mrs. G. (Beuningen)
Pijl, dhr. B. van der (Arnhem)
Raadt, mrs. C. de (Bussum)
Schok, mr. L. (Arnhem)
Schok, mrs. H.G. (Arnhem)

Straatman, mr. W. (Ede)

Contributors 2008:
Athmer, dhr. J. (Kesteren)
Boevère, mr. W. de (Waarder)
Boevère, mrs. R. de (Waarder
Boon, mr. H. (Den Haag)
Boon-Zendijk, mrs. F. (Den Haag)
Dunn, mr. L. (Almere)
Dunn, mrs. M. (Almere)
Funnekotter, mrs. C. (Lent)
Hanse, mrs. M. (Bussum)
Hoven, mr. P.J.C.M. van den (Dussen)
Hoven, mrs. M.E. van den (Dussen)
Jong, mrs. I. de (Putten)
Kemink, mr. G.E. (Lemmer)
Klop, dhr. C. (Oud Beyerland)
Meppelink, mr. J. (Tiel)
O'Dell, mr. C. (Oud Beyerland)
Pijl, mr. B. van der (Arnhem)
Raadt, mrs. C. (Bussum)
Schiffer, mr. P. (Groenekan)
Schiffer, E.Q. (Groenekan)
Schok, mr. L. (Arnhem)
Schok, mrs. H.G. (Arnhem)
Slingerland, mr. P. (Almere)
Slingerland, mrs. D. (Almere)
Snippe, mrs. K. (Oud Beyerland)
Straatman, mr. W. (Ede)

Many thanks to our great contributors...!

Would you also like to apply for a private contributorship? We'd be pleased to add your name! For more information, please click here..., or send us an e-mail.


Tapdancer Philou (Guadeloupe) during the final session
of the boogie woogie festival in 2007

Pianist en co-organizer Martijn Schok
(photo: Robert Joore)

Het Internationale Boogie Woogie Festival
Holland wordt ondersteund door
het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds