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The International Boogie Woogie Festival Holland 2011 takes place on Saturday March 12th 2011 in Regardz Hotel Heerlickheijd van Ermelo.

The show starts at 20:00 PM and ends at 0:30 AM.

Master of Ceremonies is Ronald Wüstenberg.

Regardz Hotel Heerlickheijd van Ermelo

Piano Masterclass (for the Dance Workshop, please see below...)

Saturday afternoon, March 12th 2011 between 14:30 and 15:30 PM, before the festival evening, the Stichting Boogie Promotions Holland organizes a Piano Masterclass by Rob Agerbeek (NL). Rob will be playing the piano and tell about boogie, blues piano and his views and experiences. The Masterclass is in Dutch.

The Masterclass is open for everybody and primarily meant to be attended by enthusiasts, fans and for piano players (amateurs and professionals).

Make your reservation now for this fun and educational opportunity! To make your reservation, please click here.

Entrance fee is € 10. Payment is cash, before the start of the Masterclass.

Rob Agerbeek is one of the first Dutch boogie woogie pianists. In 1956, Rob won the AVRO TV Jazzcompetition with his own boogie woogie quartet.

Rob developed into a versatile and prominent international jazz pianist. He toured with Art Blakey's Jazz Mesengers, recorded with tenor saxophone player Dexter Gordon and played with many other American jazz artists such as Ben Webster, Gene Ammons, Don Byas, Cecil Payne, Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Clark Terry, Joe Newman, Buddy Tate and Al Grey. Also, Rob has been the pianist of the Dutch Swing College band formany years.

Rob Agerbeek never stopped to love his first speciality, boogie woogie. Rob gave piano lessons to many Dutch Boogie Woogie piano players.


Aken, mw. R van
Beekman, dhr. J.M.
Blok, dhr. P.
Blom, dhr. H.
Bon, E.G.P. van
Bon, dhr. G.E.A. van
Bon, S.G.E. van
Bon-Dijkstra, mw. M.E.C. van
Cloosterman, mw. B.
Mystica Rosa Deijnen
Draaisme, mw. J.

Flohr, dhr. W.
Lucassen, dhr. A.
Meijden, dhr. T. van der
Muller, dhr. J.
Okhuizen, dhr. E.
Okhuizen, dhr. J.
Pijl, dhr. B. van der
Reinders Folmer, dhr. C.B.S.
Schrieck, dhr. G.L.M. van der
Stadt, dhr. R.J. van der
Starreveld, dhr. H.P.J.
Vemer, dhr. J.


Right after the Piano Masterclass, Young Talent can perform 1 or 2 boogie woogie, piano blues or jazz songs. Also others can apply to play during the Open Stage after the Piano Masterclass.

The performances of the Young Talents and performances during the Open Stage are only accessible for attendants of the Piano Masterclass.

Rob Agerbeek (NL)

Young Talents and Open Stage after the Piano Masterclass

Dance Workshop

Saturday afternoon, March 12th 2011 between 13:00 and 14:00 PM, before the festival evening, the Stichting Boogie Promotions Holland organizes a Dance Workshop by Jelly Germain (Paris, France).

The Masterclass is open for everybody, also for those without dance experiences.

Boogie Woogie is dance music introduced in Europe during the 1940's by American soldiers. The music people danced to was Jazz, Ragtime, Blues en Bop, at that time called Rock 'n Roll. Boogie Woogie kept a lot of its origins and the swing is unmistakenly recognizable.

You can apply for the Dance Workshop by clicking here. Entrance fee is € 10. Payment is cash, before the start of the Workshop.

Information about Jelly Germain:

Jelly Germain is a specialist in traditional authentic American tap and jazz dance styles. Jelly started his career in France at the National Conservatory of Arts and Mime Followed by studying at the school of Cirque Carre Slivia Montfort. He performed initially at the Trois Maillets Cabaret and at the Nouvelle Eve and by 1991 developed his great choreographic skills with the Holland Show ballet for the first Dutch T.V Channel “veronica”.

By 1993 he was working on projects in advertising videos, such as Coca Cola with the band Pandoras, and developing his directing skills through the Dutch dance company Rhythm Ace. He also began his teaching career with the Dance Academy of Amsterdam and by 1994 was appointed as choreographer of the Lido in Amsterdam. He worked successfully with Bruno Barry (Choreographer for the Netherlands National Ballet) and also produced the musical Mr. Bojangles of Harlem.

His solo career moved forward dramatically with starring roles in such shows as the international tour of “Riverdance”, “Black and Blue” in Broadway 1996 and variety shows back in Europe at the Sporting Club de Monaco and the Casino Rhul in Nice. Such shows gained Jelly his international reputation for solo performance, directing and choreographing great innovations for the dance world.

Not only has he developed his performance techniques, he has shown imaginative skill in leading the Spanish “Show Time” company of performers who are great exponents of a wide range of dance styles. He devised the musical “Harlem Swing” to showcase the young talents of the future and Jelly is the choreographer and leader of this dance troupe. He uses an exciting mix of styles – versatile and complex, challenging and exciting for performers and audience alike – great creativity rooted within the Boogie Woogie dance traditions.


Workshop Boogie Woogie Dancing in 2007
(photos: Wim de Boevere)

The International Boogie Woogie Festival
Holland is supported by
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