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International Heineken Boogie & Blues Festival Holland

Piano Masterclass

Saturday afternoon, March 16th 2013 between 14:30 and 15:30 PM, Stichting Boogie Promotions Holland organizes a Piano Masterclass by Stefan Ulbricht (GER).

Stefan will be playing the piano and tell about boogie woogie, piano blues, techniques, styles and his views on boogie woogie and piano blues.

Stefan played with much succes during the festival in 2012, and he is the piano master of the Piano Masterclass in 2013...!

The Masterclass is open for everybody and primarily meant to be attended by enthusiasts, fans and piano players (amateurs and professionals).

Reservation is required. Entrance fee is € 10. Payment is cash, before the start of the Masterclass.

Make your reservation for this fun and educational opportunity! To make your reservation, please click here.

Boer, mr. M.
Blom, dhr. H.
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Chapotat, mr. C. (Lyon)
Chapotat, mrs. A (Lyon)

Dijkstra, mr. G.
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Dirkse, mr. L.
Elias, mr. A. (Cardiff)
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Green, mr. D.P.
Have, mr. N.H.B.
Holleman, mr. R.
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Kristiansen, mrs. B.L. (Värsås)
Kristiansen, mr. K.G. (Värsås)

Kuiten, dhr. E.
Meijden, mr. T. van der
Starreveld, mr. H.P.J.
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After the Piano Masterclass, Young Talent can perform 1 or 2 boogie woogie, piano blues or jazz songs. Also others can apply to play during the Open Stage after the Piano Masterclass.In case of too many attendants, the organisation will make a selection.

The performances of the Young Talents and during the Open Stage are only accessible for attendants of the Piano Masterclass.

The Open Stage ends at 16:30 PM.

Stefan Ulbricht (GER)

The Piano Masterclass in 2007 by Bob Seeley